You asked, we listened.

You may have seen us posting on our social media asking what blog content YOU would most like to see. One response we saw multiple times was to write a blog on redesigning old jewelry pieces - so here it is!

What can I make? What do I want to make?! Will this work in a pendant? Can I turn one ring into another? What if all my stones are different shapes? What if they're all different sizes?! What if I have no idea what I want?!

Deep breath everyone, you are not alone. Across the board, the biggest reason we hear that people haven't redesigned their old pieces is simply not knowing what they want to do or what they are able to do.

The good news? That's why we're here! Chances are, your options are much wider than you think they are & we're happy to help you understand each one and narrow them down!

Pieces Created With Customers' Stones From Other Pieces

What if my piece is sentimental?

This is the second hesitation we see most frequently - chances are some of your "old" jewelry is worth more sentimentally to you than a new piece could ever be worth monetarily. And. We. Get. It. First, this is a huge reason why all of our work is done in house. You never have to worry about those important pieces being lost in a shipment or worked on by people you don't know and trust.

Aside from the fear of your jewelry being lost, many times customers simply aren't ready to change these pieces. Whether they had a spouse pass away, a parent, a child - we've seen it all. We've seen customers fearful to start the process. We've seen customers tear up as they see their new designs and realize how much more emotional it is than they expected. We've worked with customers who want to move extremely slowly, making sure they're ready for each step along the way.

At the end of the day, we are here for YOU! We move at your pace, we never change something you want to keep exactly as is (as long as it's possible), and we'll always have a box of tissues on hand to help you through the process. Sometimes, the little therapy sessions we have during a redesign is just as important as the design itself.

Now I know you're thinking "sure that's easy to say, but how do I know you're serious?" so check out one of my favorite recent sentimental redesigns...

Lauren's Story...

When Lauren walked in our store, she already looked defeated (I know this because I happened to be the one that greeted her). I immediately asked how I could help and she began telling me that she had a ring she wanted to use in a design, but had been turned away by every jeweler she had spoken to. She explained that the ring was actually 2 rings soldered together, her fathers and her grandfathers, and that every jeweler she had spoken to expressed an inability to work with the metal. If you ask her I'm sure she'll confirm that my response was "well, I'm not sure how we can do it but I can tell you that it's pretty much unheard of for us to turn you away without a solution"

so we got to work

Lauren was right about one thing, this was not easy! Since two rings of unknown but seemingly difficult metals were combined...we had to get creative. Lauren had dreams of creating a new ring for herself to wear but was happy with just a sizing - she just wanted to be able to wear this special piece. We were determined to make her wildest dreams possible. After extensive meetings with our jewelers we came up with a plan. We were not only able to very carefully size the ring to fit Lauren, but we built her dream ring around it! It was decided that for safety, we didn't want to count on that ring to hold any stones, but some serious creative thinking told us we could make something happen. We designed the ring so her sentimental piece can slide in and out of the center of the design, allowing her ring to be worn with or without it (since we don't want to wear those older pieces 24/7). See below for the finished product - with a raw diamond and such a unique design - Lauren can now wear her dream ring and her sentimental piece together.

We're sharing Lauren's story to show you first hand - anything is possible. Your job may require some creativity but so often our most favorite pieces are the ones that aren't easy.

...and suddenly you know. It's time to start again & trust the magic of new beginnings.

Before & After Images

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