Engagement Rings

Don't want to make a custom ring? No problem! We have hundreds of mountings we can choose from. Some of these mountings, such as the ones you see here, are kept as "samples" in store - if you want something you don't see here we can always get it for you! We have various venders that are able to provide the piece you envisioned. Communicate with us & we'll always do our best to provide your dream ring. 

These rings are made to order! Time frame to make the pieces usually taking between 2-4 weeks depending on availability. They are able to come in any metal/metal combination you'd like (yes, that means you can have a mixture of white & rose gold, yellow & white, etc.) and with any stone size, quality, or shape you're interested in. We hand select all of our diamonds based off of your budget & needs. Please contact us for more information on these and other settings! 

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