Rene Escobar

Rene Escobar is a proud third-generation jeweler. His company, Rene Escobar Jewelry, is based in South Florida.  Rene is committed to authenticity, originality, and the endurance to the beautiful art of hand-made jewelry.
 As a private jeweler Rene has always drawn inspiration from keenly observing his clientele, in 2008 motivated by these clients, he created a collection of 18K gold, diamonds and colorful gemstone earrings, that he exhibited for the first time at The Jewelers of America Summer Show in New York City, the collection was a success, since then his collections have been attracting art galleries and select jewelry stores.
His pieces incorperate mixed metals; Gold, Rose Gold, Rhodim and Oxidation, Diamonds and Unique Gem stones. We love him because he no only incorperates responsibly sources metals and gem stones, his bangles come in differnt sizes! We are here for the size inclusivity! 

"Gypsy" Bangle
"Mina" Hoop Earrings
"Lucia" Rose Gold Toggle Chain