Jewelry Cleaning, Polishing & Rhodium Plating

Cleaning VS Polishing VS Rhodium Plating - what's the difference?

Cleaning jewelry refers to when we use our signature cleaning solution to remove and dirt and debris from your piece, giving that sparkle back! Here at K Novinger Jewelry, we check and clean your fine jewelry for FREE everyday (whether you purchased it here or not)!

Polishing is a much more thorough process, performed in-house by our jeweler. The term refers to not only cleaning the piece but polishing any scratches or dings out of your metal! Your piece will look much more "new" after a good polishing. We recommend this for both white and yellow gold as well as platinum and silver!

Rhodium Plating is automatically performed on all new white gold and plaitnum rings! It's the finishing that gives that beautiful bright, shiny finish. If you've noticed your jewelry starting to look yellow/grey or "dingy" - you're probably due for rhodium! Depending on how you care for your jewelry and the acidity of your skin, we typically recommend this process once a year (polishing and stone tightening is included in this process automatically)

K Novinger Jewelry offers all 3 services, in store! Stop by and find out which option is right for you.  

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