Who Is Rene Escobar?

As a third generation jeweler, Rene fell in love with the craft while watching his father growing up. In the early 1980’s, Rene left Nicaragua and traveled to South Florida to attend college and pursue an education. He ended up spending the next few years working alongside some of the most skillful jewelers in South Florida honing his gold smithing skills. He now works in his own studio, still residing in South Florida!

The Jewelry

Rene’s collections are always evolving... always hand-made in his South Florida Studio using recycled precious metals, set with responsibly sourced gemstones, employing traditional and cutting edge jewelry-making techniques. He and his life partner hand-create each of Rene's jewelry collections.

" Jewelry making is in his blood, but his passion is personal "

Our Decision

The choice to carry Rene's work was easy! We fell in love with his bangles immediately + once we saw the entire line, we knew he'd fit right in. His talent and craft speaks for itself, wait until you see these incredible pieces in person. We LOVE to layer his jewelry and you will, too!

Your Favorite Piece is Waiting For You.