Summer Jewelry Care

The things you might know, the things you don't...and what it does to your jewelry.

So, I was able to take a day trip to the beach, which was blissful and truly needed. While relaxing with my feet in the sand, I was taken back by the amount of jewelry being worn - by both men & women. Parents were digging their hands in the sand, suntan lotion was constantly being rubbed on their children, and then the much needed ocean cool off. Diamonds glistened in the sun, but the only thing I could think of was all that grit getting stuck under their diamonds and the what ifโ€ฆwhat if that ring came off in the cold water or while digging in the sand.


The Dangers

We always caution customers' not to wear their jewelry to the beach. We explain ourselves to each person, but do YOU know the dangers lurking behind those sunny days?

- Chemicals in sunscreen can cause contamination to your metal. It can make white gold turn yellow more quickly and can eat away at solder joints (that stuff that does things like keep the head, holding your gorgeous stone, in place)

- Your ring is absolutely getting dirty from all that lotion. This might not seem like a big deal, but that just means the chemicals are sitting on your piece longer.

- Cold water makes your fingers shrink. You'd be shocked at the amount of times a customer has lost their ring, which fits perfectly, because it slid off in the ocean!

Insurance Horror Stories

Do you have your jewelry covered? If you do - do you know what you are and are not covered for? Here are some important questions to ask your insurance company, based on real-life stories we have heard.

1. Ask your insurance company if they cover your pieces when traveling. We have had customers who believed they were fully covered and lost their engagement ring on their honeymoon, anniversary trip, etc. Their policy only covered them at home, so they were out of luck. These beach trips are the perfect time to ask this question!

2. Ask your insurance company if they allow you to use the jeweler of your choice. Many companies use certain jewelers that they contract out to. They'll give you what they consider "like merchandise" which may not always match your original piece...especially if it was custom-made. So when that piece slides off in the ocean, will you get your exact ring back? Or just something similar?

4. Do they cover damages? Some insurance companies, like Jeweler's Mutual, cover repair work such as prong re-tipping. This can save you a ton of money! When your prong gets snagged on a towel at the beach - how much will it cost to get fixed?

Final Words

There will always be the "I bought my jewelry so I could wear it" customers & we totally get that! You are the people who will keep our repair services in business for years to come...and we don't blame you! Just be sure to stop in after your much-deserved vacation to have your pieces checked & cleaned. Better safe than sorry!

*Disclaimer - when it comes to gemstones other than diamonds, there may be even more things to keep in mind! If you have questions, please feel free to shoot us a text or give us a call! We'd love to explain more*